Kerinci Lake Package

Kerinci Lake Package
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Kerinci Lake Package

     Kerinci Lake is located at the foot of the Raya Mountain,Kerinci Lake is the largest lake in Kerinci district. Lake area is approximately 5000 square meters with a height of 783 meters above sea level. The scenery around the lake is so captivating. The eyes will not be tired of seeing the expanse of clear water a graceful backdrop of mountain ranges. In the middle of the lake looks as fishing boats are sailing the calm water surface, where the lives of many species of fish caught by local society.

Kerinci Lake Package    In the villages around the lake, there are a many of carved stone megaliths supposedly living human heritage thousands years ago. The presence of stone carving shows that the area around Lake Kerinci is an area that once inhabited ancient human. In the Lake Kerinci is held a Lake Kerinci festival every year which display a variety of community arts attractions in Jambi. The purpose of this festival is to give treats to the tourists who come to visit.

Location :

    Lake Kerinci is located in the Danau Kerinci and Keliling danau, Kerinci District, Jambi Province, Indonesia
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